Food for Mind & Body – Guidelines for Healthy Eating


The food you eat determines your physical, mental and emotional health. Many people do not
realize this truth. They eat unhealthy food all the time and destroy their health. Unhealthy foods
are precooked frozen foods, pizzas, deep fried foods, hot-spicy, overcooked food, burnt food,
chips, burgers, colas, refined grains that do not have fibre, foods that contain too much sugar, salt, artificial colour and preservatives. Such foods have no nutritive value; they increase fat and bad cholesterol, weaken the digestive system and lead to ill-health.

Many people are not aware that water is an essential ingredient for the body and mind. Water is a natural detox that eliminates waste and toxins, refreshes the brain, carries nutrients, promotes digestion,prevents dehydration, reduces stress, prevents headaches, improves concentration and dissolves all the excesses. It serves as a lubricant, regulates body temperature and is vital for health just like oxygen. Drink at least twelve glasses of water everyday for good health.


Beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, beer and aerated drinks, have no calories, no vitamins and minerals. They contain caffeine, sugar, alcohol and chemicals that deplete natural energies and destroy mind-body balance. Drink home-made vegetable and fruit juices. They have vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, aid digestion, refresh brain, promote weight loss, nourish and heal cells, tissues, glands and organs. They rejuvenate mind and body after a surgery, provide good relief for ulcers , high blood pressure, fatigue, bad cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac and kidney problems.

A well planned vegetarian diet meets all nutritional needs of body and mind and also prevent diseases. Ensure your diet has all the essential nutrients. Snack on fresh fruits, keep your stomach light when you go to bed. If you work under great stress, drink plenty of water, 4-5 glasses of green tea in a day. To improve mind and body health, change your attitudes, choose the right food that will nourish and heal.


  • Begin your day with three glasses of luke warm water
  • Sit and sip water and mix it with saliva before swallowing
  • Drink at least twelve glasses of water every day
  • Breakfast is an important meal, please do not skip it
  • Eat at regular times every day and enjoy every meal
  • Eat when your mind is calm; do not eat when angry
  • Take vegetarian food, avoid non-vegetarian food
  • Take fruits, vegetable juices as a meal if you are stressed
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well; do not eat in a hurry
  • Eat to fill half your stomach and do not over-eat
  • Avoid all food that are too hot or too cold in temperature
  • Avoid drinking water or fruit juice during your meals
  • Drink water one hour before and one hour after your meals
  • Drink green tea everyday; it is alkaline and antioxidant
  • Snack on fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruits; avoid junk foods
  • Avoid eating the food that have excess salt and excess sugar
  • Excess sugar and salt destroy the mind and body strength
  • Have light and low calorie dinner three hours before sleeping
  • Sit in Virasana or recline in Supta Virasana after your meals
  • Supta Virasana, relieves heaviness and digests food faster
  • Fruit-fast once a month will cleanse your digestive system

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