Mother Earth is Healing – A Wonderful write up by Vivienne in Spain

Healing Mother Earth - a poem by artyjules - All Poetry

The earth whispered but you did not hear.

The earth spoke but you did not listen

The earth screamed but you turned her off.

And so I was born…I was not born to punish you…I was born to awaken you…

The earth cried out for help…Massive flooding..But you didn’t listen.

Burning fires. But you didn’t listen.

Strong hurricanes. But you didn’t listen.

Terrifying Tornadoes. But you didn’t listen.

You still don’t listen to the earth when.

Ocean animals are dying due to pollutants in the waters.

Glaciers melting at an alarming rate.

Severe drought…You didn’t listen to how much negativity the earth is receiving.

Non-stop wars.

Non-stop greed.

You just kept going on with your life..

No matter how much hate there was..

No matter how many killings daily..

It was more important to get that latest iPhone than worry about what the earth was trying to tell you..

But now I am here.

And I’ve made the world stop in its tracks.

I’ve made YOU finally listen.

I’ve made you take refuge.

I’ve made you stop thinking about materialistic things..

Now you are like the earth…

You are only worried about YOUR survival.

How does that feel ?

I give you fever.. as the fires burn on earth.

I give you respiratory issues.. as pollution filled the earth’s air.

I give you weakness as the earth weakens every day.

I took away your comforts..

Your outings.

The things you would use to forget about the planet and its pain.

And I made the world stop..

And now…

China has better air quality…Skys are clear blue because factories are not spewing pollution unto the earth’s air.

The water in Venice is clean and Because the gondola boats that pollute the water are not being used.

YOU are having to take time to reflect on what is important in your life.

Again I am not here to punish you.. I am here to Awaken you..

When all this is over and I am gone… Please remember these moments..

Listen to the earth.

Listen to your soul.

Stop Polluting the earth.

Stop Fighting amongst each other.

Stop caring about materialistic things.

And start loving your neighbours.

Start caring about the earth and all its creatures.

Start believing in a Creator.

Because next time I may come back even stronger…


Yours faithfully


And next time don’t know how long you will survive.

News - Diocese of Hamilton

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The Science of Aromatherapy - Elemental


In Ayurvedic medicine the use of aromatic essences to therapeutic purpose is practiced a great deal. The essences are used in the preparation of oils for massage and diffused in the environment for their quality to influence body and mind. Little is the use of the essential oils for by inside, contrarily of the western Aromatherapy.



1) Antiseptic for cuts, punctures of bugs
sage-eucalyptus-tea tree-lavender-thyme-carnation-lemon

2) Anti-inflammatory for eczemas, infected wounds, swellings

3) Fungicides for foot of athlete, candid
lavender-tea tree-myrrh-patchouli-marjoram

4) Stimulating of the fabric of granulation and cicatrizant for burns, cuts, scars
lavender-camomile-pink-neroli (flowers of orange tree)-incense-geranium-sandal-wood of rose

5) Deodorant for excessive perspiration, cleaning wounds
bergamot-sage-lavender-thyme-juniper-cypress-lemon grass

6) Insectifuges and parasiticides
hybrid lavender-geranium-citronella grass-eucalyptus-carnation-camphor-cedar of the atlas


1) To make to go down the tension for cases of hypertension, palpitations

2) To increase the tension for cases of circulatory insufficiency
rosemary-hybrid lavender-eucalyptus-mint-thyme

3) Equalizer of the tension:
hyssopus officinalis

4) Balmy and rubefacenti for pains, rheumatisms, muscular rigidity, sciatica, lumbagos
camphor-rosemary-marjoram-juniper-eucalyptus g.-niaouli-black pepper

5) Depurative and antitoxic for arthritis, gout, congestions

5) Stimulating lymphatic for cellulitis, obesity, water retention
grapefruit-lemon-files-mandarin (bland)-white birch tree

6) Tonic venous astringents for launch us and capillary
cypress-juniper-rosemary-yarrow-lemon-files-orange tree


1) Expectorant for catarrh, sinusitis, cough, bronchitis
Eucalyptus g.-pine-thyme-myrrh-sandal-fennel

2) Antispasmodic for colics, dry cough, pertussis
hyssopus officinalis-cypress-cedar of the atlas-bergamot-camomile-cajeput

3) Balmy for cold, hits of cold, congestions
benzoin-incense-Tolù balm-Peru balm -myrrh

4) Respiratory antiseptic for influence, sore throat, tonsillitis
thyme-sage-eucalyptus g.-basil-pine-niaouli-cajeput-tea tree


1) Spasms, pains, dyspepsia (troubles of the digestion)
Camomile-fennel-orange-mint-lemon balm

2) Carminative (anti-gas), flatulences, aerophagy, nauseas

3) Increases the bilious secretion and it stimulates the gallbladder

4) For the liver: 

5) To stimulate the appetite:


Soothing of the nervous system for exhaustion, anxiety, stress, insomnia, nervousness
orange-ylang ylang-sandal-lemon balm-jasmine-lavender-camomile-vetiver-patchouli-valerian


To dilate the bellows and to favor the phlegm:
eucalyptus-mugo pine-niaouli (1 only or in association)

basil-mint-citronella-eucalyptus citriodora

cedar-carnation-geranium (strengthened with lavender)

Against the odor of tobacco:

For the bacteriological purification of the air:

To help the concentration:

Few drops are enough on a terracotta, on your poutpourri

Chapter 4: Top 18 Essential Oils on the Market –


Vata Massage Oil Composition:

Base Oils: Sesame seed and Almond
Herbs: Ashwagandha root, Gotu Kola leaf, Chamomile flowers, Ginger root, Licorice Root, Shatavri root, and Dong Quai root
Essential Oils: Lavender, Clary Sage, Jatamansi, Vetiver

Pitta Massage Oil Composition:

Base Oils: Olive
Herbs: Gotu Kola leaf, Licorice Root, Fennel seed, Peppermint leaf
Essential Oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Jatamansi, Vetiver

Kapha Massage Oil Composition:

Base Oils: Almond
Herbs: Gotu Kola leaf, Ginger root
Essential Oils: Orange peel, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Myrrh

Note: The information here brought have only an illustrative goal: they are not referable neither to prescriptions neither to medical suggestions

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