8 Management lessons to learn from the Lord Krishna!

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Krishna, more than a Hindu God he is the true spiritual guru that this universe has witnessed. In every sense he is a role model. motivator and a strategist from whom we have so many things to learn. Let’s have a look at the 8 management lessons that we can learn from the God himself.

Here are the 8 management lessons to learn from the Lord Krishna.

1. Commitments first

True believer and preacher of Karmic philosophy, Krishna knew that the main purpose of his avatar is to kill demon Kamsa and to relieve Vasudeva and Devaki from the bitter hands of Kamsa. He was so committed to it that right from his birth he was prepared for it.


2. Be the first one to share your learning

Yes Krishna being a ‘Sarvagnya’ never hesitated to share his thoughts. It so happened once that Arjuna refuses to fight with his own relatives (Kowravas) then Krishna preached him the purpose of Mahabharatha war and today we read it in the name of Bhagwadgita.


3. Stick to Goals

Krishna had three definite goals and throughout his life he was stick to them.

Paritrayana sadhunam – welfare for good

vinashaya dushkritam – destroy evil (thoughts)

dharma sansthapana – establish and strength the principles

As a manager one should have clear cut goals in the organisation and never allow their senses to control him/her.


4. Strategic approach

Krishna is an authentic strategist who with his tactical skills won Mahabharatha war for Pandavas. To quote one of the incidents of his life, once Krishna insults Duryodhana for going nude in front of Gaandhari and makes him to cover his thighs with a piece of cloth. In the next scene Gandhari with her immense power make the body of Duryodhana as strong as a diamond except the thigh part. At the end of Mahabharatha, Krishna orders Bheema to hit on the thighs of Duryodhana which ultimately kills him.


 5. Good manager

With all supreme powers inculcated in him, Krishna had all the ability to finish Mahabharatha in few hours but he stood as a teacher and made Pandavas to fight the war. This is the ultimate quality of a manager. The way he lead the team of 5 against 100 is extremely mesmerizing.


 6. Never take side based on relations

Be it is in the time of killing Kansa or motivating Pandavas to kill the ballot of Kowravas, Krishna never took the side of Adharma even though they are his own relations.


 7. Tactful communicator

Whenever Pandavas went demotivated Krishna was a motivation for them. Also in the event of negotiation between Pandavas and Kowravas, Krishna intentionally broke the negotiation because he wanted the war to happen. The reason was simple enough to demolish the evil and establish dharma in the country.


8. Down to earth behavior

Being the supreme of this universe, Krishna lived a simple life and he was a man of people. He played with Gwallas ( protector of cows), befriended with Sudhama and most importantly he became a charioteer for Arjuna that shows his down to earth behavior.


Krishna is a ocean and let’s all dip in this ocean to reach the pinnacle of knowledge.

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